Design creativity and production experience, along with industrial culture, make Galassia a reference model of Made in Italy ceramic industry in the world. The company is in Civita Castellana district, well konwn for the ceramic tradition, where craftsmanship, technological innovation and sustainability blend together to offer the best of Italian quality

Ceramic is a natural product, composed of a mix of raw materials such as kaolin, quartz and/or clay.
The Galassia products are made of Fine Fire-clay and Vitreous China - materials with reduced environmental impact that do not use polluting substances due to their composition and production. Galassia is the undisputed leader in the Italian production of Fine Fire-clay, result achieved in more than 30 years of experience and activity in the sector. FOR OUR CERAMICS WE SELECT THE BEST RAW MATERIALS - BLENDED WITH WATER - TO OBTAIN A HIGH QUALITY MIXTURE

Galassia SpA was born in 1980 in Civita Castellana ceramic district and today it is on the leader company of sanitaryware Italian production. Galassia spa has always been proactive to environmental issues. In recent years the company has started a process of energy efficiency installing a photovoltaic power generation system that exploits the roof surface of m² 8.000.


Superior quality for the innovative Higherglaze directly applied to the ceramic before firing process and used on both washbasins and sanitarywares. The surface is perfectly smooth and does not allow dirt and scale to settle. This guarantees lasting shine, pleasant touch, high protection against scratches, abrasions and external agents. The extreme ease of cleaning also allows a lower consumption of water and detergents in respect of the environment.

The color glazes, developped and created by Galassia, keep the high standard quality and durability of the glossy ones. The new finishes are distinguished by the refined satin surface pleasant to the touch. The nuances proposed by Galassia are well suited to be combined with each other.

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