Ceramiche Galassia


Antonio Pascale” obtained his diploma in Architecture at the Institute of Art of Florence and afterwards a degree at the University of Architecture of Florence.
Further studies at the School of Fine Arts, which influenced deeply the perspective of his work and creativity that was deeply rooted into reality.
In 2004 he became a charter member of the Industrial Design Studio "Archivio Design" and his areas of interest moved into many directions: Interior design, Industrial, Visual and Exhibition Design including Communication and Art Direction.
The expertise of the Studio is being certified in countless publications, from catalogues to international Design reviews; the works of the Studio are being appreciated for identity and uniqueness.
His designs are very clearly portrayed in the concept that leads to the study of new products, daily aiming to reinventing, keeping in mind that like all visionaries it is important to anticipate the taste and trends of the public and not following it. In the same way the designer has the vision and forward thinking to propose new ideas in an unexpected way.