Ceramiche Galassia
It’s always very difficult to explain the changes, so we have entrusted this task to this new web site, through which the Company shows itself, shows its products (new and existing) and its philosophy. Over time Galassia has evolved from a small shower tray manufacturer to what is now, one of the reference company’s in its sector. This is a result of our belief in three key principles from the beginning: The value of the products, that we have never considered as just the result of the transformation of raw-materials, but a synthesis of the values in which we recognize ourselves and that characterize Galassia’S design; The importance of the territory where Galassia took roots and has been working ever since, an area dedicated to ceramic tradition; The value of our people. Galassia is convinced that it is the people that gives the organization its strength. For that reason Galassia considers its collaborators and employees a very important resource, trying to involve each single person in sharing our targets and results.The result of our commitment is narrated in the following web pages: there is a story in each photo. The work of many people, the result of risky choices, sometimes wrong, the passion of the people who have believed in this challenge. And if, after seeing these web pages, you feel any emotion, that will be another of Galassia’s goals achieved.